2. How to make a new page in WordPress

Pages contain static content on your site. Pages cannot be tagged or categorized, and they are not added to feeds or archive pages.

To add a new WordPress page, you must be logged in. Go to your WordPress dashboard.

  • There are two ways to create a new page from the Dashboard:
    • Go to Pages > Add New in the sidebar
    • Mouseover +New in the top bar and select Page

The page is created, now …

  • Add a title in the Title entry box
  • Add content in the Content box
  • Change the page template from default if there is an alternative and you are using that feature
  • Set the featured image, if you are using that feature
  • Choose a parent page, if desired

If you have these permissions:

  • Choose a different author for the page, if needed
  • Enable or disable comments in the Discussion module
  • Enable or disable likes and shares, if you have enabled this in JetPack

You should click “Save Draft” soon after beginning the creation process so that WordPress will periodically Autosave the page. Consider using the “Preview” button periodically, to see how your page is progressing.

When you are ready to share with the world, click Publish. If you want to schedule the page to publish later, you’ll edit the “Publish” immediately date and time that is in the Publish module.

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