Fighting Fire With Fire: Dad Shoots Laptop, Posts Video

A North Carolina dad, Tommy Jordan, reached his wits end on Wednesday after his 15-year daughter posted a rant on her Facebook page, a video "disrespectful" to her parents. He pulled out a pistol and shot her laptop dead. And he videoed it, then shared that video with the world.
That is your laptop. This is my .45.
His monologue -- where he reads what he says his daughter wrote on her Facebook page -- includes some profanity and what I think of as a litany of teen-age whininess (based on my listening to adult friends and relatives as well as nieces). Titled Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen, the video  has 3.7 million views as of this writing (125,486 likes, 9,392 dislikes): …continue reading →