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Apple’s 2013 Christmas ad: a story with a twist

Apple’s holiday ad via @gruber : #nicelyDone #promoForVideoRotateTools — Kathy E Gill (@kegill) December 17, 2013   I almost added #kleenex to that tweet. I probably should have. Without revealing the plot twist in the 90-second clip, I’ll simply say that I thought it was an effective reframing that makes the title, “Misunderstood,” resonate.


Christmas cheer, Canadian (marketing) style

Canadian budget airline WestJet took the concept of Random Acts of Kindness to a new high this week. After setting up a Santa-cam in two Canadian airports, WestJet surprised 250 travellers with their requests when they landed in Calgary a few hours later. The dreaded baggage carousel was, instead, a pipeline from Santa, delivering wrapped packages down […]


Doing Cable News Interviews Well

These aren’t “how to’s” per se but they are each an example of effective interview skills on the part of the television expert: Sen. Elizabeth Warren on CNBC and author Dr. Reza Aslan on FOX. Why do I think they merit watching? 1. Both subjects are incredibly well-prepared. By this I mean that they know […]