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I Want To Use Flickr With My Twitter Applications

If Yahoo! wants Flickr to remain relevant in an increasingly interconnected world, it’s essential that it it work with third-party developers to enable easy sharing of Flickr-hosted content on Twitter. Post-haste! An open letter to Carol Bartz, Yahoo! CEO; Roy Bostock, Yahoo! Board Chairman; Jerry Yang, Yahoo! Co-Founder:

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Kickstart Doesn’t Start

TechCrunch announced Yahoo!’s Kickstart college student – alumni networking site, which went live tonight. No joy, here. First, the system could not find the University of Georgia (with or without the “the”). This is troublesome, since Yahoo! is offering a”$25,000 prize to whichever college/university gets the most alumni to sign up before December 31.” The […]


Create Your Customized Democratic Candidate Mash-Up

The Democratic Party is truly experimenting with citizen media this election cycle. On Wednesday, they held an “online debate” that consisted of Charlie Rose, PBS, asking questions and recording answers. The questions, of course, came from online voters. Sponsors: The Huffington Post, Slate (owned by the Washington Post) and Yahoo! . Interested voters can now […]