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Using Personas In Web Development

Whether you are working on a website, mobile app or a physical product (like a better mousetrap!), incorporating personas into your design process makes it easier to keep a customer (user-centered) focus.

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Interface Ugliness

Forget, for a moment, that the design of the above-the-fold portion of this website is ugly as sin, crowded with ads and “junk” (hat tip, Edward Tufte). Look at the ad, sitting front and center! It’s blocking the copy — the only reason we’ve come to this page. Yes, I know that lots of publishers […]

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Web Design: How Not To

This is truly the case of a picture expressing a thousand words. Notice that the floating ad has no “close me – x” — there was literally no way to make it go away. (Scrolling didn’t work, either). Just say no to ads like these: