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A Note On The Sarah Lacey Session

I just read the cNet article on Sarah Lacey’s session at Gnomedex Saturday. Ugh. Here’s my comment: Even the cNet article misses a key point: “blogger” is a meaningless phrase, as it rests solely on the technology. A person on LiveJournal writing for her friends is a “blogger” — so are my students who use […]

Convergence Media Web/Tech MSM Answer to the Hyperlocal Challenge?

The latest hyperlocal startup is EveryBlock: type your zip code or neighborhood name into the search box, and you’ll be rewarded with a hyperlocal “news” report that is based on public records, geo-tagged material pulled from RSS feeds (news sites, blogs), geo-tagged Flickr photos and postings from Craigslist and Yelp. (tip) Test a sample: Belltown […]

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Guardian Spruces Up Website With Free Gadgets

Paul Bradshaw outlines how the London Guardian is using Delicious, Yahoo! Pipes and Google Gadgets to integrate content on their newly designed website. Worth a read and a practice.