A Note On The Sarah Lacey Session

I just read the cNet article on Sarah Lacey's session at Gnomedex Saturday. Ugh. Here's my comment:
Even the cNet article misses a key point: "blogger" is a meaningless phrase, as it rests solely on the technology. A person on LiveJournal writing for her friends is a "blogger" -- so are my students who use Wordpress to complete university assignments. So is a journalist -- citizen or paid -- who uses a blogging platform for publishing. "Blogger" is a so-what term. …continue reading →

EveryBlock.com: MSM Answer to the Hyperlocal Challenge?

The latest hyperlocal startup is EveryBlock: type your zip code or neighborhood name into the search box, and you'll be rewarded with a hyperlocal "news" report that is based on public records, geo-tagged material pulled from RSS feeds (news sites, blogs), geo-tagged Flickr photos and postings from Craigslist and Yelp. (tip) Test a sample: Belltown (Seattle), Dupont Circle (DC), Germantown (Philly), Greenville (Charlotte), Greenwich Village (NYC), Hyde Park (Boston), Nob Hill (SF). …continue reading →