UGC Redux: 2007 Super Bowl Ads

Last night in my econ class, I introduced students to the “amateur” v “professional” debate by talking about the  2007 Super Bowl,  the first time any major brand had engaged fans in a contest where the winner got a Super Bowl slot. At the time, the contest spurred discussion of “professional” versus “amateur”. Note that […]


Mashable Open Web Awards: Nominations In Process

Mashable is taking nominations until 16 November for its second annual Open Web Awards. There are 26 categories, from blog plugins and embeddable widgets to social networking and mobile applications, from politics and entertainment sites to wikis and non-profit causes. Check out the list; nominate your favorite sites and tools! Round one online voting begins […]

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Crowdsourcing The 2008 Election

Using powerful digital tools not even in alpha four years ago, Americans are documenting election day 2008, with special emphasis on the experience at the polls. We’ve entered the age of Big Brother surveillance, and he is us.