Creative Commons

Students are also required to create a “course page” that has information about their class project and the article that they bring to class when it’s their turn to lead discussion. Here’s what your Creative Commons license — published on your course page —  might look like: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons […]

Powerpoint To HTML

Students in COM300 create a PPT presentation as part of their role as a discussion leader. This tutorial (part of the COM300 website) walks students through creating a basic powerpoint presentation and saving it as HTML. [HTML version required Winter 2007 only, not Spring.] In addition, students learn how to upload those files (FTP) to […]

School’s Around The Corner

Fall term is right around the corner … time for me to get back to work, here! First, we’ve launched a new website for the MCDM program – check it out! Second, here’s a list of online retailers that provide academic pricing on hardware and software: Academic Superstore, Campus Tech, Creation Engine, Journey Education, School […]

Internet 2 Project : Resources

Videoconferencing Cookbook : Provides a history of videoconferencing, info on technologies, best practices, etiquette (yes!), glossary. Internet2 Commons : “encourages the large-scale deployment of tools for one-to-one, one-to-group, and group-to-group collaborations” Internet2 Commons Portal : “‘ a framework for collaboration throughout the research and education community that will encourage interactive communication through large scale deployment […]