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Business Week On Twitter: What Happened in March?!?

He gets some of the verbs (“to tweet” not “to twitter”) and nouns (we’re “twits” not “twitter-ers”!) wrong, but give Stephan Baker credit for jumping into Twitter-space to write his 15 May article, Why Twitter Matters. (tip) The screen capture (right) is from the slideshow accompanying the story. What happened in March? I joined Twitter […]

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Social Networks & Social Research

How are social networks and social network sites being used by researchers? Guest lecture in Hanson’s COM529 class. [Two addenda!]

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Why Some Folks Love Twitter

WiredPen really isn’t All Twitter, All The Time, although it might feel like it lately! I just discovered this great little tribute to Twitter at ShinyRed … and of course, I found Shiny Red via Twitter. I love Twitter for its serendipity. I lurked for a long time before I started posting … erh, tweeting! […]