NBC Debuts “Conviction” on iTunes

I'm late to the videoTunes party, I'll admit. I poo-poohed the idea of watching "TV" on such a teeny screen until I actually held-and-watched one last fall. Guess what went on my (unfulfilled, as yet) Christmas gift list? It may even be enough to make me switch (or add) from RePlayTV to Tivo, should I ever acquire one. In January, when I couldn't force myself to watch all of the Sugar Bowl -- since I'm convinced I jinx my alma mater (UGA) when I do -- I bought the "highlights film" after-the-fact. But I watched it on my laptop. Now iTunes has scored another scoop: NBC is premiering its new legal drama show, "Conviction," for free on iTunes. From now until 3 March, when the show debuts on the traditional airways, you can download the show "for free." (I'll report later if the commercials come along with it.) Sometimes I…continue reading →

The Web Challenges TV?

Forrester Research reports that video traffic is doubling on average every six to eight months on web sites that offer sight, sound and motion, according to USA Today. Next month, AOL will take on E! with a celebrity series of "video-on-demand stories about Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise and other stars." AOL also has two original reality series: The Biz and Project Freshman. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has moved two long-running shows — WWEHeat and WWEVelocity — from cable TV to wwe.com. Last month, due to Hurricane Katrina coverage, WWE moved Friday Night SmackDown to the web. They expected about 250,000 viewers; with no promotion, it pulled 500,000. As a promotion, Google presented the pilot episode of UPN's Everybody Hates Chris on its Google Video project. Former ABC programming chief Lloyd Braun is at Yahoo! and charged with developing original programming; the first effort is Kevin Sitesin the Hot Zone. The…continue reading →