TV Industry In Canada

Major media owners in Canada are “crying poverty” to get regulatory concessions, according to Mark Edge,  speaking at the Convergence and Society: The Changing Media Landscape (#cconf09) in Reno. And yet … they’re still making money.


VideoNuze Shares Starz Media Consumption Data

A fall 2008 survey of 5,500 U.S. Internet users suggests that almost two-thirds (62%) watch “online video” each week, making online video more popular than time-shifted television (38%). However, almost half  (47%) who watch online video choose “short-form” video, so it’s not fair for my brain to compare that consumption pattern  with DVRs. Only 15 […]

Convergence Media

This Day In History: Truman’s First Televised Speech

On 5 October 1947, President Harry Truman delivered the first televised speech from the White House. In this speech, Truman asked Americans to change their food consumption patterns — no meat Tuesdays; no eggs or poultry on Thursdays — to help Europeans, who were starving. Truman’s speech launched the TV presidency; all of his subsequent […]