Beefing Up Facebook Security: How To Set Up Two-Step Verification

FacebookOne way to make it harder for bad guys to access your online accounts is to require more than a username and password to access an account. Google uses a two-step verification process tied to account credentials and your mobile phone. So does Facebook. And as Alex Howard points out, security has always been important but events are conspiring to suggest just how important. Learn how to set up two-step verification on your Facebook account. Important for anyone, the higher your public profile, the more important. This means journalists, professors engaged in public scholarship (especially when controversial), celebrities (authors, musicians, actors, directors, models, athletes ....), politicians (of all stripes, elected or candidate), political appointees, judges and high profile lawyers ... anyone who manages a Facebook page for someone else ...  the list goes on. …continue reading →

How To: Using Filezilla

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="120"]Featured on BlogHer Featured on BlogHer on 17 October 2012[/caption] FileZilla is an open source, cross-platform, secure FTP client. This tutorial walks you through the download, making a quick FTP connection, uploading files and saving the server settings. FTP ProcessFTP is stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is a way to move files between computers on a network. SFTP, or secure FTP, means the client uses SSH (secure shell) to transfer files. SFTP will encrypt both commands and data; this means that passwords and sensitive information is not sent over the network in the clear. You cannot use a standard FTP client to connect to an SFTP server. Filezilla is both an FTP and an SFTP client. Why use FTP? With FTP, you can easily transfer lots of files from your computer to a web server. Plus, you can upload a zipped folder of images, for example, to a Linux server, then unzip (extract) the images on the server. This is faster than uploading them one-at-a-time. FTP can also be used as a protocol for making files available to others. However, this tutorial focuses on FTP as a process for managing files on your web server. …continue reading →