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Beefing Up Facebook Security: How To Set Up Two-Step Verification

One way to make it harder for bad guys to access your online accounts is to require more than a username and password to access an account. Google uses a two-step verification process tied to account credentials and your mobile phone. So does Facebook. And as Alex Howard points out, security has always been important […]


Transferring Network Settings Between Computers (Or Hard Drives)

If you’ve ever wanted to transfer your network settings from one Apple computer to another … or from one hard drive to another (such as when you’re setting up a new drive, like I’m doing right now) … here’s how to do that. It’s easy but  not obvious!


How To: Using Filezilla

FileZilla is an open source, cross-platform, secure FTP client. This tutorial walks you through the download, making a quick FTP connection, uploading files and saving the server settings. FTP is stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is a way to move files between computers on a network. SFTP, or secure FTP, means the client uses SSH (secure […]