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Text spam is illegal, just like spam email and robocalls

Got a SPAM text this election season? Annoyed about it? You’re not alone, but recourse is limited. Learn more about SPAM text messages.

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SMS v Voice Mail: Text Please

My cellphone greeting to callers asks for a text rather than a voice mail. It’s an artifact of my life with a Samsung Blackjack that did not reliably or clearly indicate when I’d missed a call. That was before my iPhone, back when I had to wade through a series of keypad prompts to get […]

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Obama To Announce VP Choice Via Text Message

In an op-ed in the NYTimes this week, political analyst and consultant Garrett M. Graff talks about why Barack Obama plans to announce his vice presidential choice via a text message. What’s not clear from the article is if the text will go only to cellphone numbers in the campaign database or if it will […]