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Social Networks & Social Research

How are social networks and social network sites being used by researchers? Guest lecture in Hanson’s COM529 class. [Two addenda!]

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INTED – Blogs and Podcasts As Student Deliverables

Institutions of higher education face many challenges; one is to provide a learning environment that acknowledges the unique skills and interests of the Net Generation. This paper explores these challenges within the context of computer-mediated communication (CMC) instruction. Specifically, the paper explores the use of social web technologies – blogs and podcasts – as methods of student learning and assessment. Podcasting […]


A Vision of Students Today

I’ve been using Professor Michael Wesch’s The Machine Is Us/ing Us in classes to help explain Web2.0. Now he’s produced a commentary on 21st century education (featured below; how it was made) as well as a short on folksonomy.