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SuperBowl Trivia (Go Hawks!)

After tonight’s epic Seahawks win, we wondered which team had played in the most SuperBowls. First thought (reflecting our age): Cowboys or Steelers. Yup. Trivia to know and tell: Eight appearances: Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers (#1) Seven appearances: Denver Broncos and New England Patriots (#2) Six wins: Pittsburgh Steelers (#1) Five wins: Dallas Cowboys […]

Vote For Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

If you’re like me and prefer the commercials over the game, YouTube’s “adblitz” channel may be your savior today. YouTube promises to publish Super Bowl commercials “the minute they air on Feb 7th.” And to entice you to visit the channel, after the game is over you can vote for your favorite(s) — until Valentine’s […]

UGC Redux: 2007 Super Bowl Ads

Last night in my econ class, I introduced students to the “amateur” v “professional” debate by talking about the  2007 Super Bowl,  the first time any major brand had engaged fans in a contest where the winner got a Super Bowl slot. At the time, the contest spurred discussion of “professional” versus “amateur”. Note that […]