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Some of My Favorite Steve Jobs & Apple YouTube Clips

I returned from vacation to discover that Steve Jobs had announced his resignation as Apple’s CEO.

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Fierce Mobile On Media, AntennaGate and Steve Jobs

Will Richmond (FierceMobile) tackles AntennaGate today. I didn’t see his referenced Steve Jobs quote when I went looking for facts-and-data on Friday, but I think it sums up the state of much of what passes for “news” on the web today: Sometimes I feel that in search of eyeballs for these web sites, people don’t care […]


iPhone 4 : By The Numbers

There are a lot of stories today about the Steve Jobs press conference. I thought I’d mine the stories for data about the iPhone 4. Not too surprising, but the negative press lens that I recall from the 1990s seems to be firmly in place. I’m getting an iPhone 4 next week (I hope – […]