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Text spam is illegal, just like spam email and robocalls

Got a SPAM text this election season? Annoyed about it? You’re not alone, but recourse is limited. Learn more about SPAM text messages.


Dear Marketing Folks: Leaving A Blog Comment Does Not Mean I Want Your Email

I was added to a Breitbart Report mailing list today (without opting in). The announcement mail assured me that I would be the beneficiary of Breitbart’s “timely news and other information, independent of media bias” and that I was receiving the mail based on my “past interest” which was reflected by my having commented on […]


Mortgage Spam

Here’s a screenshot of a spam email from a mortgage broker. How do I know it’s spam? Because the email address used is (a) a thousand years old (in Internet time!) and (b) not associated in any way, shape, form or fashion (as my momma used to say) with my current address. Moreover, I am […]