Dear Marketing Folks: Leaving A Blog Comment Does Not Mean I Want Your Email

I was added to a Breitbart Report mailing list today (without opting in). The announcement mail assured me that I would be the beneficiary of Breitbart's "timely news and other information, independent of media bias" and that I was receiving the mail based on my "past interest" which was reflected by my having commented on one of his sites. Breitbard told the marketing company that I had opted in (screenshot below the fold); that was a lie. I was added to the list, without permission, and had to opt-out to remove myself. What egocentrism, to think that anyone who commented on one of his sites would want email spam! Comment does not equal agreement. Nor does comment equal "it's OK to spam me now." …continue reading →

Mortgage Spam

Here's a screenshot of a spam email from a mortgage broker. How do I know it's spam? Because the email address used is (a) a thousand years old (in Internet time!) and (b) not associated in any way, shape, form or fashion (as my momma used to say) with my current address. Moreover, I am not a "valued client" as I've never heard of this guy, whose telephone number places him in Georgia. The person in this LinkedIn profile appears to be the culprit. These guys are as bad, in their own way, as the AIG people. Gack. …continue reading →
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