Pew: It’s A Gibson, Stephanson World

Pew has released a report, Future of the Internet II, where futurists (742 of them) imagine what the world will be like in 2020. (tip) That world was envisioned by William Gibson and Neal Stephanson (as well as P.K. Dick) decades ago. From the web and report summary (pdf): Human control over technology: [A] significant […]


“Open Source” Vetting

In a way, the hoopla over Harvard sophomore Kaavya Viswanathan, 19, is testimony to the power of "open source" philosophy. We’re not talking about software — Viswanathan’s product was a novel — and the community is loosely defined as "readers connected with Internet technology." But the result is not unlike what happens when a jointly […]

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Art & Science

The Mac has long been the dominant platform in graphic arts and now digital movie-making. A research survey indicates that approximately 30% of life scientists now use the Mac, suggesting the platform is on a comeback in science. This is a different sub-set of science than that illustrated by the Virginia Tech super-computer, based on […]