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Technology As Source Of Evil

I shouldn’t be speechless, but I am. Tip – Emphasis added: Should teenagers and others in the Church express themselves to the world through blogs? Because of the obvious dangers; the clear biblical principles that apply; the fact that it gives one a voice; that it is almost always idle words; that teens often do […]

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YouTube Home To Fevered Political Clips

Rhetoric surrounding the mid-term elections is getting more fevered, if a YouTube clip from Hollywood producer and director David Zucker is any measure. According to the Drudge Report, Zucker’s 30-second clip "was intended to be used by GOP organizations in the closing weeks of the 2006 campaign." However, Drudge breathlessly tells us that "GOP strategists […]


Pew: It’s A Gibson, Stephanson World

Pew has released a report, Future of the Internet II, where futurists (742 of them) imagine what the world will be like in 2020. (tip) That world was envisioned by William Gibson and Neal Stephanson (as well as P.K. Dick) decades ago. From the web and report summary (pdf): Human control over technology: [A] significant […]