Calling BS. Period.

Positioning himself somewhat as a "curmudgeon," Scott Berkun launched a one-man attack on puffery of all kinds in his Social Media Club Seattle talk Tuesday evening, How to call BS on a social media guru. The talk title -- intentionally provocative -- suggested Berkun would zero in on inflated social media egos. Instead, Berkun gave a creative, compelling and humorous call for critical thinking skills. Without using that phrase, of course, which I think is probably the kiss of death in advance copy. …continue reading →

Facebook and Privacy Tools

Yesterday it felt to me like rabbits were at work and their progeny was Facebook privacy apps. Four crossed my screen within a space of hours: Privacy Check, and SaveFace. The first three are useful in helping identify the types of Facebook information that have made it to the public web, but they aren't helpful in the shades-of-gray publicness that comes from tweaking "friends of friends" and "friends and networks" settings. The fourth is a giant reset button. Here's what I found out about each. …continue reading →

Johnson & Johnson Under Fire For Recalls

According to Advertising Age, parents are turning to social media networks to lash out at Johnson & Johnson for the third product recall from its McNeil Consumer Healthcare division in less than nine months. (I found additional instances of J&J product recalls related to quality when I checked the J&J website.) Why does it look like J&J has decided that the best way to deal with customers is to tell them the least amount possible? And why didn't AdAge link to the Facebook group it references in its article? …continue reading →