Calling BS. Period.

Positioning himself somewhat as a “curmudgeon,” Scott Berkun launched a one-man attack on puffery of all kinds in his Social Media Club Seattle talk Tuesday evening, How to call BS on a social media guru. The talk title — intentionally provocative — suggested Berkun would zero in on inflated social media egos. Instead, Berkun gave a […]

Facebook and Privacy Tools

Yesterday it felt to me like rabbits were at work and their progeny was Facebook privacy apps. Four crossed my screen within a space of hours: Privacy Check,, and SaveFace. The first three are useful in helping identify the types of Facebook information that have made it to the public web, but they aren’t helpful […]

Johnson & Johnson Under Fire For Recalls

According to Advertising Age, parents are turning to social media networks to lash out at Johnson & Johnson for the third product recall from its McNeil Consumer Healthcare division in less than nine months. (I found additional instances of J&J product recalls related to quality when I checked the J&J website.) Why does it look like J&J […]

TEDxSeattle: Greg Bear On Too Much Information

Using word pictures like “the pig’s blood of technology,” award-winning science fiction author Greg Bear urged Friday’s TEDxSeattle audience to be mindful of our increasingly public and digitally-archived lives. “The web that knows who you are … do you want it to?” he asked. “All of us are neural nodes” in a massive and “vast […]

A Case For TV Ads

I skip ads when I watch television. I don’t think of this behavior as “stealing” because I’ve paid to have those television signals beamed into my home*. I do, sometimes, worry about missing out on shared experiences that help bind people together. Let me give you an example. If I were to say “toy bunny” […]