I’ve Been Hacked

The WordPress sites that I have hosted at MediaTemple have been hacked. (Not WiredPen, it's still on WordPress.com.) Based on what I'm reading in the WordPress blogosphere, and Media Temple's insistence that it is not at fault, I guess I'm going to be looking for another host. Again. Boy this is tiresome! …continue reading →

Apple, It’s Time To Ditch AT&T

Update: AT&T Collapses On iPhone4 Debut I was annoyed at the headlines last week that blamed Apple for AT&T's lax web security regarding iPad owner emails. I was even more annoyed Sunday when I read AT&T's "explanation" to customers, where it not only disavowed responsibility for the exploit, reported Wednesday, but said that the really bad guys were the people who identified their security hole. Here's what AT&T wrote (emphasis added):
... unauthorized computer “hackers” maliciously exploited a function designed to make your iPad log-in process faster ... deliberately went to great efforts ... Now, the authentication page log-in screen requires the user to enter both their email address and their password.
A malicious exploit would not have been reported. It would have just been used. A malicious exploiter wouldn't advise companies of security issues. They'd simply use them. Class action suit against AT&T, anyone? I can't imagine the stockholders or board of directors demanding that the company get its act together. Hit 'em where it hurts: the pocketbook. It's the only thing they care about. …continue reading →

Just Call Me Curmudgeon: Pswd Security

I don't know about you, but for accounts that I access online that contain personally identifiable information like my phone number and address, I use a password that is more than eight upper and lower case letters, contains at least one number, and has at least one special character. I just had to reset the password on our Verizon account because I could not remember the password. This is the error message I received upon my attempt to reset:…continue reading →