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Update on Apple legal challenges (with Harry Potter #cyberpathogen reference)

Last year, the United Nations called personal encryption a necessary condition for civic life in the digital age. That was last year. This year, Apple is fighting the U.S. Department of Justice over this very issue: personal encryption. Quite a bit of good news this week, with one unfathomable bit to take us into the weekend. Let’s […]


Heartbleed bug: what to do, who’s affected, who’s done what?

UPDATED: By now, you should have heard about the Heartbleed bug that decimated encryption for web servers that were using a version of OpenSSL dated December 31, 2011 or later. The latest news on this ongoing story is on my Storify. What to do? Change your passwords on accounts where you would be upset if […]

Evernote Security Breach Announcement Includes One (Big) Stumble

You’ve heard by now that Evernote had a major security breach and is forcing its customers to reset passwords… 50 million accounts. What you may not have realized is that Evernote’s email announcing the problem – a much more transparent and prompt response to the issue than most of the tech giants who preceded them […]

Beefing Up Facebook Security: How To Set Up Two-Step Verification

One way to make it harder for bad guys to access your online accounts is to require more than a username and password to access an account. Google uses a two-step verification process tied to account credentials and your mobile phone. So does Facebook. And as Alex Howard points out, security has always been important […]

Attn: WordPress Installs On MediaTemple

Looking For A New Host The WordPress installation at motogrrl.com/blog was infected with malware from http://oeooea.com on Friday. The Media Temple support page (WordPress redirect exploit) has not been updated to reflect this new vector, even though Sucuri.net posted an alert on 3 September 2010 and another Media Temple customer used Twitter to alert the […]