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Making Sense Of The NewsCorp Phone Hacking Scandal

The British press are in an uproar this weekend over the just-won’t-die story about how News International (the U.K. subsidiary of Murdoch’s News Corporation, hereafter referenced as NewsCorp) “journalists” at News of the World (NotW) “hack[ed] into the mobile phone records of celebrities and public figures.” It should be news when journalists are arrested for […]

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Rupert Murdoch: Journalism and Freedom – A Rebuttal

In an op-ed at his flagship Wall Street Journal today, News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch rehashed some of his recent barbs (such as claims of fair use abuses) while wrapping News Corp with the American flag. With a nod to Jay Rosen’s brilliant analysis of “information wants to be free” criticism, I tackle a few […]

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Murdoch On Google and Pay-To-View

In an interview with SkyNews Australia, Rupert Murdoch continued to insist that Google (and other search engines) are “stealing” his content and that newspapers should never have “given away” their content for free. And he hinted that News Corp. would soon block search engines from indexing their web sites and would successfully challenge the “fair […]