In Canada, two publishers drop their holiday editions

The Globe & Mail (Toronto) as well as the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette and Ottawa Citizen will not put ink to paper on Monday, a Labour Day holiday north of the border as well as here. The rationale? Insufficient advertising revenue. Newspaper publishers have clung to their print editions because the advertising revenue […]

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Are There Really More eBook Sales Than Paperback Sales?

Updated 23 April : The Answer Is “No” There was a flurry of press during the past week with headlines like this one: “E-book sales make history in the US, top paperback books in sales.” But is that really what the Association of American Publishers (AAP) data (or the press release) said?

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Kindle Edition: Not A Purchase But A Long-Term Lease

[C]an you imagine if publishers said you couldn’t loan a book to a friend and let her keep it as a long as she likes? Donate it to Goodwill? Set it free through BookCrossing? Sell it on eBay or Amazon? We can do all of those things with a real book and none of them with […]