Not So Fast, AdAge: “RIP, the Press Release (1906-2010)”

:: Followup : PR In The Age Of Twitter :: Update: Ragan Communications Has Republished This Essay Dear  @SimonDumenco: What a great whoosh of hot air to jumpstart this cool, gray, damp Seattle Monday! [The] news media has a nifty new way of “reporting” entertainment news: regurgitating celebrity tweets. It wasn’t that long ago that […]

Journalistic Ethics: The Pentagon Story

I’ve just re-read the NYT scathing expose of the massive PR machine that is the Bush/Rumsfeld Pentagon, and I’m struck (yet again) at how far removed today’s TV news organizations seem to be from what I believe to be core journalistic ethics: transparency and the absolute avoidance of the appearance of conflict of interest. I […]

Notes from the Corporate Panel

The four corporate reps provided very diverse examples of how major organizations are integrating new media into their corporate communication strategies. Nancy Blanton, Port of Seattle, explained some of the process behind the Port’s new website design (yeah! personas!). The focus shifted from the organization to its audiences. One result is a real-time flight info […]