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Politics & Technology: Maybe We Can Change the World

Information architect Sean Tevis is running for the state house in Kansas. He has no political experience, just a died-in-the-wool idealism. He launched an online fundraising campaign on 16 July. Here’s his 13 August report: By using the ability to collaborate online, connect with an audience, and communicate in a way that, say, mailing a […]


The Candidates & RSS: Poor Grades

The goal: put together one aggregated RSS feed that combines the campaign blog feeds from Hillary Clinton (the best URL of the bunch), Barack Obama (bleh) and John McCain (second best URL). The first two: a piece of cake to find the RSS feed link (after ducking past that annoying splash sign-up page). But McCain’s […]

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November Ballot: Seattle Metro Mass Transit and Insurance Claims

As a matter of general principle, I vote no on citizen initiatives. There is usually no nuance; they are often pushed by one special interest group (or person); and I’m skeptical of direct democracy on the scale of statewide law.