Blogging and Public Affairs

I'm on a panel Wednesday morning with Robert Scoble and Pam Miller: "Blogging: Its power and impact on public affairs and the media" is a panel discussion before an audience of public sector PIOs in Seattle.

blog genres What to say, what to say? I could start with my comments from a PRSA workshop earlier this month. Or maybe with this image from EuroBlog 2006? (tip) Or this post by Steve Rubel - DoS hosts webchat with David Kline. Ummm .... let's start by advising folks to watch EPIC2015 -- because blogs are just one part of a larger social ecosystem that will change politics and media. And work.


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Newspaper serves political blogs

In a twist on the "equal time" rule, the Herald-Sun in Durham, NC is offering candidates in local and state elections (six counties) a free blog on the newspaper website. I'm not sure which is more amazing -- the offer itself or the fact that only four candidates have taken the paper up on the offer of a "free website" (at this writing). Four others have activated their blogs (ie, their names are linked to a blog page) but they aren't blogging. Thanks to Jeff Jarvis via Poyntercontinue reading →

Politics drives facilitation site

Since mid-August, more than 79,000 people have joined to support one of the nine Democratic presidential candidates, according to the Washington Post. More than 195,000 people (about 25 percent of the total membership base) have joined to find others who care about Democratic candidates. An analysis of site statistics shows that Dems aren't the only politicos flocking to the site, however. Join Arnold ranked number 18 at the time this was typed. The site was created in early 2002 to give anyone with a hobby a chance talk about it and a way to find others with similar interests. It extends community facilitation pioneered by eGroups (now part of Yahoo!Groups) from online discussion to face-to-face meetings. The site features groups on more than 2,200 topics; about 750,000 people have registered. More news: Fort Worth Star Telegram; The Globe and Mail (Canada); Capitol Hill Blue; TwinCities.comcontinue reading →