Obama Campaign Ditches Twitter, Facebook

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I've said this so often I feel like a broken record, but here goes: there is a big difference between electioneering and governing. Those differences extend to constituent communication, in no small part because of the prohibition against using government (public) resources to get elected (or re-elected). How else to explain the fact that the Barack Obama campaign (notice I did not say "Barack Obama" -- I don't want to perpetuate the idea that he was personally engaged in these spaces) has posted nothing on its Twitter account or its Facebook account since 5 November 2008, the day after the election? Instead, the electioneering team (the campaign) has morphed into the about-to-be-governing team. They have an outward-focus on Change.gov, but that's a very controlled space, not unlike My.BarackObama.com. Another reason for abandoning these social spaces: they're great for mobilizing but not so great for deliberation. …continue reading →

Political Activism: Don’t Go and Talk Straight

Don't Go is a Republican-Libertarian-led effort to force Congress to act on offshore drilling and energy. (tip) They missed getting a vote before summer recess, but they may have created a larger movement in the process. They provide a list of names and email contacts but have no easily found statement of purpose on the site. The domain WhoIs record is masked by OODADomains.com (NV) / Wild West Domains, Inc. (AZ) Creation date: 4 August 2008. IP Location: Dallas, Talk Straight has two sections, one for Barack Obama and one for John McCain, but the site is clearly a McCain supporter (hint: it's selling NoObama t-shirts). It's also "anonymous" -- that is, there's nothing on the site about its writers or founders. But there's a huge TIP button! The domain WhoIs record is masked by Spot Domain LLC of Denver; creation date: 11 July 2008. IP Location: Dallas, …continue reading →