Arguing With Heffernan: No, Weiner Is Not An “Advanced Twitter Player”

Just because Virginia Heffernan writes that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is "a skilled and even advanced Twitter player" doesn't make it so.
Weiner on Twitter was like an amateur pianist on an improv tear. He posted sometimes dozens of times a day, trying out the conventions of Twitter as if he were practicing themes and variations. He especially liked the hashtag and @-reply tricks that help a Twitterer cultivate a readership.... In August, 2009, Weiner burst onto Twitter with a candid resolution to let loose, and “to Twitter w/o telling my minders.”
Earlier this month, I analyzed Weiner's tweets. After those first two tweets in October 2009, Weiner didn't tweet again for almost a year.  During May, he sent 105 Tweets -- that's about three tweets per day. About 1-in-10 tweets were @ replies -- hardly the style of a conversationalist. About 1-in-10 tweets were RTs, hardly the style of someone sharing other's ideas. Only 81 of his lifetime tweets have contained links. As I wrote last week: …continue reading →