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Writing for the ear

Developing a script for a podcast or webinar? Then check out these tips for writing for the ear. As with all writing, scripts should be accurate and clear. However, this writing style is not as formal as that used to produce a research paper written in an academic style.


BBC On Podcast Adoption

Courtesy of one of my COM300 students -> The BBC reports aForrester assertion that the podcast audience is primarily "tech savvy, young males" … "despite the hype surrounding [podcasts]." Harrumph. We are in still in the early adoption stage of this technology! I’m certain that I could examine popular press reports less than two years […]

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iPods Take Hold in Rural Georgia University

About 100 of the 300 faculty at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville (founded in 1889; enrollment: 5,500 students) are using iPods for education or research — a remarkable adoption rate for any campus but particularly for a rural one. Even the President’s cabinet is using podcasts! After [President Dorothy] Leland and Jim Wolfgang, […]