Winter 2007 – My, Oh, My!

Gack! It's been a month since I posted here. In the interim, we had the windstorm from hell ... resulting in a nightmare experience with Delta on our holiday tirp to the Bahamas. Seattle has been locked in the grip of Arctic air fronts and ice and snow and sub-20 weather ... until now. Two classes this quarter: COM 300, Intro to New Media ... and COM 585, DM Content Creation. I'm a regular guest now on Blog Talk Radio - RSS feed here! And I've put a toe in the water in political podcasting; inaugural post info.continue reading →

NCA: Podcasting In The Classroom

Podcasting As Active Learning: My 8 minute presentation at NCA, San Antonio, on experimenting with podcasting as a learning tool in COM300, Spring 2006, at the University of Washington. From the program, session 40742: The panelists are early adopters of podcasting for instructional development. Podcasting is an internet-based audio/video distribution technology allowing subscribers to automatically receive updated content for listening/viewing via computer or portable media Listen ... mp4 @ dotMac, mp3 @ UWcontinue reading →