NCA: Podcasting In The Classroom

Podcasting As Active Learning: My 8 minute presentation at NCA, San Antonio, on experimenting with podcasting as a learning tool in COM300, Spring 2006, at the University of Washington. From the program, session 40742: The panelists are early adopters of podcasting for instructional development. Podcasting is an internet-based audio/video distribution technology allowing subscribers to automatically […]

BBC On Podcast Adoption

Courtesy of one of my COM300 students -> The BBC reports aForrester assertion that the podcast audience is primarily "tech savvy, young males" … "despite the hype surrounding [podcasts]." Harrumph. We are in still in the early adoption stage of this technology! I’m certain that I could examine popular press reports less than two years […]

iPods Take Hold in Rural Georgia University

About 100 of the 300 faculty at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville (founded in 1889; enrollment: 5,500 students) are using iPods for education or research — a remarkable adoption rate for any campus but particularly for a rural one. Even the President’s cabinet is using podcasts! After [President Dorothy] Leland and Jim Wolfgang, […]