YouTube Politics: Obama To Hold Google+ Hangout Monday

[caption id="attachment_136696" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Obama, 2012 SOTU, White House Photo"]Obama[/caption] In 2007, Google and YouTube broke into presidential politics by holding a "debate" in conjunction with CNN. At the time, Google had owned YouTube for less than a year. Flash forward almost five years. On Monday at 5.30 p.m. Eastern, Google+ (which is also less than a year old), is the stage for a presidential response to last week's State of the Union address. As in 2007, the questions are generated by us. And as in 2007, which questions get answered is not being left in the hands of the crowd. From 2007: …continue reading →

McCain, Obama Mashup

An Australian uses the tempting green-screen backdrop from John McCain's acceptance speech to introduce a little mash-up humor (Barack Obama dancing and speaking). Watch the clip, and watch for more of these 1984-like mashups as political commentary.continue reading →

Obama To Announce VP Choice Via Text Message

In an op-ed in the NYTimes this week, political analyst and consultant Garrett M. Graff talks about why Barack Obama plans to announce his vice presidential choice via a text message. What's not clear from the article is if the text will go only to cellphone numbers in the campaign database or if it will also be broadcast via Twitter. However, the Twitter announcement makes it look like this is an "insider first" strategy ... in other words, a way to secure cellphone numbers for future broadcast messages: …continue reading →
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