YouTube Politics: Obama To Hold Google+ Hangout Monday

In 2007, Google and YouTube broke into presidential politics by holding a “debate” in conjunction with CNN. At the time, Google had owned YouTube for less than a year. Flash forward almost five years. On Monday at 5.30 p.m. Eastern, Google+ (which is also less than a year old), is the stage for a presidential […]

Obama To Announce VP Choice Via Text Message

In an op-ed in the NYTimes this week, political analyst and consultant Garrett M. Graff talks about why Barack Obama plans to announce his vice presidential choice via a text message. What’s not clear from the article is if the text will go only to cellphone numbers in the campaign database or if it will […]

Editorial Board Transparency (And Tech Incompetence)

[Two Updates Below] In prep’ing for digital journalism workshops for our UW undergrads, I discovered that the Seattle PI has opened up at least some editorial board meetings to the public via “podcasts.” (I challenge you to try to find the podcast archive/description via the masthead links, however.) The NY Times Caucus blog reported Saturday […]