Where Next For Microsoft?

Over at TechFlash this morning, Todd Bishop published a guest post by a disgruntled Microsoft stockholder about to attend his first stockholder meeting. The author, Michael McDonald, has reason to be disgruntled: November 2000, I purchased 100,000 shares of MSFT at a split-adjusted, average price of $36 per share for a total cost of $3.6 […]

Convergence Legal

Netflix Tests Streaming To Macs

ArsTechnica reports the streaming service for Macs requires FireFox and a Microsoft Silverlight plugin (for PlayReady DRM). Currently in testing, the service should be available to all Mac Netflix customers by the end of the year. Woot! Oh! And streaming to TiVo (Series3, HD and HD XL models) is slated to begin by December, Xbox […]


Convergence Marches On: Netflix To Stream On Tivo

TiVo and Netflix have taken four years to get to this point, but by December you should be able to watch Netflix movies on your TiVo Series3, TiVo HD or TiVo HD XL. (tip) According to TiVo By The Numbers, the service has had a net loss in customers each quarter since February 2007 (based […]