Dear Netflix: please make your UI easier to use

Netflix is now available in 41 countries and its subscriber base grew by approximately one-third from third quarter 2012 to third quarter 2013. It has demonstrated creative chops with House of Cards (first Emmy for an online-only TV show) and Orange is the New Black (highly acclaimed). But to add new customers — and retain its […]

Convergence Media

Looking Into The Crystal Ball: The Future of “TV”

We’ve had HDTV for three months, Verizon FiOS for almost a month. We’re using the Verizon HD PVR, which means our SD TiVo sits idle. (Plus, we don’t know how to integrate it with the FiOS set-top box.) I’m starting with the state of our TV system to explain why I’ve been thinking about PVRs, […]

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Sony Puts xBox Streaming Service on Pause

Just in time for the holiday season, Sony plays The Grinch.  (How’s that for mixed metaphors!) Netflix has teamed with LG, Microsoft, Roko, Samsung and TiVo to stream movies from its 100,000 title library. Today was supposed to be the launch of the Microsoft/xBox service … until Sony put that service on hold.  The Motley […]