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HP TouchPad Joins MSFT Kin On Shoals Of Abandoned Products

HP is “[discontinuing] operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones.” The company slid this into its press announcement regarding possible purchase of Autonomy Corp (AU.L); with a market cap of $7 billion, it is the second largest pure software company in Europe. The HP TouchPad tablet went on sale on July 1, […]

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MythBusters: Subscriptions Don’t Cover Salaries

The money quote from Hal Varian’s presentation to the Federal Trade Commission, according to TechCrunch, was this: “newspapers have never made much money from news.” But for me, the kicker is this data point from slide #3: Subscriptions account for 3% of revenue on average


Thinking About “Free”

I had not thought about the long-term viability of advertising until Tuesday night’s Net Economics class. I think in my lifetime ads will not disappear, but they will continue to change. Maybe we’ll have more sponsored content, like early radio (and PBS), instead of interruptive adverts. And there will be more “free” content like Doctor […]