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Net neutrality, erh, network discrimination, is again in the news

Dutch ruling highlights the perils of “network discrimination” but sidesteps U.S. structural problem of network and entertainment sector consolidation.

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Obama endorses net neutrality

 Obama’s decision to wade into the net neutrality debate highlights how politicians can no longer simply avoid telecom, broadcast, and Internet issues by claiming that the matter is solely for regulators to determine. Policy issues such as net neutrality and Internet regulation have profound importance for millions and we should not be content to leave […]


FCC receives 3+ million comments on #netNeutality, takes another look at mobile

The FCC received 1,776,471 emails and 1,297,691 electronic comments on its network neutrality proposal from late April to September 15. On Wednesday, the agency released daily and weekly data totaling 3,074,162 comments.