Wikipedia, P2P Hit “Big Time”

I just watched the first two episodes of NBC's new web-only sciFi series, GeminiDivision. A rant about the fact that NBC's "download" service is Windows-only: later. A rant about the poor user experience: later. A discussion of the business model: later. But Wikipedia and P2P are endorsed by NBC. The "downloading videos" FAQ: Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a way of rapidly delivering media files over the public internet allowing users to receive high quality NBC content in the fastest way possible directly to their desktops. When you download an episode through the NBC Direct service you're doing it on a secure and efficient network made up of fellow NBC Direct users. As more and more users join the network, downloads will become even faster. Here's how it works. And for folks who want to know more, the writers reference reading →

NBC To Test “Late Night” Online

Lorne Michaels, the man behind the 1970s phenomena Saturday Night Live, plans to take NBC's "Late Night" to the web this fall. According to the Los Angeles Times, Michaels wants new host Jimmy Fallon "to work out as many of the rough spots in his presentation as possible in performances on a website" before current host Conan O'Brien moves to "The Tonight Show." One reason for trying out the show online, Mr. Michaels said, is that the Internet will allow Mr. Fallon more freedom in terms of what he can say and do, “more opportunity for experimentation" ... But the main reason for the idea, he said, was the experience of Mr. O’Brien, who endured a long period of uncertainty about whether he would survive after he assumed the desk on “Late Night” succeeding David Letterman. “Conan needed time to find his show,” Mr. Michaels said. “I think this will…continue reading →

Newsvine, NBC Launch TV News Talk-Back “Club”

This announcement from Newsvine, which was recently purchased by MSNBC: If you see a segment on the NBC Nightly News you want to discuss, simply head to the new Newsvine-powered NBC Nightly News Discussion Club at and an inventory of every single video clip from the most recent broadcast will be waiting for you to replay, forward to friends, or start a discussion about. The launch of the Discussion Club coincides with the unveiling of a brand new NBC Nightly News site and embeddable video player... One of the biggest problems mainstream media companies have with opening up material for public discussion is the incredible amount of dreck that comes through from what we like to call "drive-by commenters"... That's why we have the Code of Honor. That's why Newsvine has never sought to be an anarchistic free-for-all community, but rather a place where intelligent people gather to discuss…continue reading →