Dear Netflix: please make your UI easier to use

Netflix is now available in 41 countries and its subscriber base grew by approximately one-third from third quarter 2012 to third quarter 2013. It has demonstrated creative chops with House of Cards (first Emmy for an online-only TV show) and Orange is the New Black (highly acclaimed). But to add new customers — and retain its […]


Google Continues To Privilege Its Own Content; Latest Victim, Vimeo?

On Wednesday, Alireza Yavari, who works at +Interactive New York, observed that he could no longer embed Vimeo videos on Google+. On G+, I had always been annoyed by the low quality of image previews when videos were shared from, my favorite video website. Now you cannot even embed any videos from Vimeo anymore! I noticed it […]

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Examples of Best-of-the-Breed Multimedia Storytelling

The jurors were from news organization’s prized audience demographic: 18-35s. Students in my COM466 Digital Journalism class picked these stories as “best practices” examples in multimedia storytelling.