Google, The Platform

Listening to Google CEO Eric Schmidt talk about the importance of a "new platform" while noting that "enterprise-focused" engineers are a small percentage of the company's engineering team, I flashed back to 1984. When Apple introduced the Macintosh with that Ridley Scott commercial, the company was making a statement about the "cultural implications of personal computers." Apple's deliberate shunning of IT departments, Steve Jobs' goal of democratizing technology, the 1984 slogan "The Computer For The Rest of Us”, the 1998 slogan "Think Different” -- each are examples of a company positioned as the alternative to "the enterprise." …continue reading →

Links for Monday

Paging George Jetson! (Or Bladerunner fans.) The Mundus Group has a "Flying Car" that it will now sell as a kit vehicle "under the experimental kit aircraft protocol." The website describes vehicles for police and emergency crews that use Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) technology. You know, the same sort of tech that powers helicopters! (Look at the pictures!) Social networking early adopters should check out Flock 2.0 beta. Flock's social networking browser is based on Firefox and the Gecko web rendering engine. The press release says that Google Mail and Zoho Office run twice as fast on Flock 2.0. Primary schools and colleges in Bangladesh will receive free wireless access; the service, AlwaysOn Network Bangladesh, will also be available for "underserved rural and urban areas." iDayo, a stock selector venture, has announced a website redesign. Is this a common press release practice? In any case, I don't know…continue reading →