Liveblogging: Hedrick Smith

Hedrick Smith, Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and producer, is on UW campus today for the Danz lecture at Kane Hall tonight. He’s talking to students from two journalism classes this afternoon. Live blogged notes:

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Gnomedex 2007 – (Sorta) Live Blogging

Day one of Gnomedex! I’ll be periodically blogging today … depends in no small part on connectivity. :)

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Strategies for Analyzing Online Networks

Live blogging workshop on online network analysis at UW, Digital Media Working Group (DMWG). Participants: Kirsten Foot, The Coproduction of Online Structures, Associate Professor, UW; Rachel Gibson, The Study of Weblinks as Communicative Devices, Chair, New Media Studies, University of Leicester, UK; Clifford Tatum, Hyper-Lurk Analysis, PhD student, Communication, UW; and Mike Xenos, Making Sense […]