How To: Create A Profile Badge

If you have a blog or a web site with an "about me" page, you might want to highlight your social networks, like Facebook or LinkedIn. Each social network makes it easy to create a "badge" -- an image that promotes the social network site and links to your profile. Read on to learn how to make yours! …continue reading →

LinkedIn Goes Wild: Long List of Collaboration Tools

LinkedIn applications went live Tuesday night, "productivity applications" that let you share business information with your network.

This is not your father's LinkedIn! Nor is it a Facebook clone -- these applications are clearly business-related: share large files with, show the world what Twitter companies or phrases you are tracking, embed presentations with or Google Presentation, create a private workspace with Huddle. You can also add blog posts to your LinkedIn profile (a la Facebook), advertise what you're reading via Amazon Reading Lists or share your travels (TripIt).

The big question: how well do they work?

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