Wisconsin IT Department Treats Pro-Union Website Like A Porn Site

The website DefendWisconsin.org, which supports union protesters, could not be accessed on the Wisconsin Capitol wifi network on Monday and part of Tuesday, according to various news reports.

The Capitol internet service, which restricts access to certain websites considered inappropriate for lawmakers, revealed a "blocked page" when users tried to access the site using the building's wireless system.
"Inappropriate" in the context of government web servers is usually a code word for porn. …continue reading →

What Does It Mean To Be “Critical”? Wired Column On Facebook Privacy Questioned

Updated to provide additional context: 6.31 pm Pacific Sometimes, you just need to read a conversation thread in a single post to be truly boggled. I'll preface this exchange by noting that I read the Wired column under discussion (What if the Facebook (Un)Privacy Revolution Is a Good Thing) prior to this exchange: my take-away at the time was that Fred Vogelstein falls into the tech-world equivalent of Jay Rosen's "church of the savvy", a term Rosen uses to describe the "belief system that binds together our political press corps in Washington." Here's an excerpt from the article:…continue reading →

Facebook’s Principles, Deciphered

The Washington Post recently opened its editorial page to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. The Washington Post Chairman, Donald E. Graham, is a member of Facebook's board of directors; friends in high media places. Here are the principles under which Facebook operates, according to that op-ed. I've copied Mark's bullet points and added a bit commentary to help you decipher the message. …continue reading →