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A newsletter delivered by TinyLetter. 1. John Oliver goes to Russia. And interviews Edward Snowden. Everyone should watch this video. Everyone. 2. Section 215 of the Patriot Act Expires on June 1. “[We] have little to no evidence that bulk collection of telephone call records under Section 215 has ever stopped a terrorist attack.” 3. American […]

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A meme too far: U.S. Army pulls tweet for using the word “chinks”

On Friday, the U.S. Army used the word “chink” to describe  intelligence community vulnerability to terrorist use of social media communication. Twitter exploded with cries of race baiting. The Army deleted the tweet. chink: (1) a small cleft, slit, or fissure <a chink in the fence>; (2) a weak spot that may leave one vulnerable <his lawyers […]

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Facebook Privacy Vote Deadline Is Monday

At noon Pacific on Monday December 10, Facebook will close the voting on its proposed changes in the terms of service. Among the changes on the block: the need to consult the customer base before making changes in its privacy policy. I’m urging you to vote and to vote to retain the current documents. Warning: […]