Live Blogging A Plus For Journalists

Two Poynter posts today extol the virtues of live blogging for journalists. In Live Blogging: How It Makes Us Better Journalists, Associated Press reporter Ben Walker relates his experiences live blogging as a sports reporter. He says, “Your powers of observation are doubled and tripled when you live blog.”

Blogger Wins Journalism Award

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo and TPMCafe has been honored with a George Polk award for legal reporting and his work on the Justice Department firings of US Attorneys. This is an acknowledgment of the importance of the news/political blogosphere and a step towards recognition that the substance of an investigation is more important […]

Easy Posting

This tip is for anyone who uses Firefox and who wants an easy way to post to a single blog or multiple blogs: get ScribeFire. I’ve just re-installed … my Christmas Eve hard drive crash is still making itself felt as I re-install this plugin or that application. (Secure Fetch was the most recent application.) […]