Liveblogging: Hedrick Smith

Hedrick Smith, Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and producer, is on UW campus today for the Danz lecture at Kane Hall tonight. He’s talking to students from two journalism classes this afternoon. Live blogged notes:

Economics Media

“No More Free Content”

I think that if I hear another newspaper person utter this phrase — no more free content — I will scream. It’s either that or shoot the guy. (It’s almost always a guy.) The latest missive to feature this demand comes from David Carr, writing in the Sunday New York Times (tip). Howard Kurtz alluded […]


Old Skool Journalism

According to Columbia J-School, this “Your Life Work” clip, an early 1940s series, was produced by Arthur P. Twogood, associate professor, vocational education, Iowa State College. Watch it and weep.