In Canada, two publishers drop their holiday editions

In Canada, two publishers drop their holiday editions

[caption id="attachment_7471" align="alignright" width="275"]newspaper ad revenue Via The Economist and Alan D. Mutter (Newsosaur).[/caption] The Globe & Mail (Toronto) as well as the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette and Ottawa Citizen will not put ink to paper on Monday, a Labour Day holiday north of the border as well as here. The rationale? Insufficient advertising revenue. Newspaper publishers have clung to their print editions because the advertising revenue remains greater there than it is online. And although online distribution is much less expensive than ink, paper and gasoline, digital ads are not sufficient to support the traditional newsroom. Reduced physical output is inevitable. But canceling an edition on such short notice is extraordinary. …continue reading →

Failure Is A Not Four-Letter Word

This is my inaugural Carnival of Journalism post; this month's topic is "failure" -- professional or personal. I chose personal but the lessons are, I believe, universal. The Carnival of Journalism is a collection of folks who think about journalism and who periodically post a reflection on a given subject. Learn how to join us. Added: Dave posts a round-up.
[caption id="attachment_5113" align="alignright" width="259" caption="Kathy's Ducati Monster - Pony Express Day 1"]Ducati - Pony Express[/caption] My Ducati was less than two months old, I had been riding almost two years, and I was a newly-minted Motorcycle Safety Foundation accredited instructor. With more excitement than trepidation, I set off on what would be a 6,000 mile fundraiser (over two weeks) for Susan G. Komen. I had prepped for the trip by putting in long weekend days, but those were one-offs, so to speak. How would I do when these long days were daisy-chained? The first day I overslept, under-dressed (I misjudged the weather: it was cold, I needed my electric vest) and discovered that I had failed to pack my motorcycle registration. Not an auspicious beginning! …continue reading →

Teaching Journalism Using Today’s Tools

Those of us immersed in the real-time web like Twitter and Facebook are aware of the impact these tools are having on dissemination of information about breaking news -- real (Egypt, Japan) and fake (various false celebrity deaths). This week, Robert Quigley (Facebook, Twitter), the social media editor for the Austin Statesman, had students at the University of Texas re-imagine the JFK assassination. What would it be like in this age of smartphones, Twitter and Facebook?…continue reading →