Carnival of Journalism Wrap: Google+

google plusGoogle+ is only two months old but because it launched in a real-time web era, and it already had mind-share and a robust user base (gmail), its adoption rate has surpassed the digital social network spaces that came before it. Thus my Carnival of Journalism question for August: What does Google+ mean for journalists, today and tomorrow? Here's our consensus: journalists need to experiment with social spaces and tools, even though it's a time-consuming exercise; Google+ has potential as a platform for conversation and collaboration; and Google's real names policy is problematic. Featuring +David Cohn +Carrie Brown +Benet Wilson +Bryan Murley +Jack Lail and +Kathy Gillcontinue reading →

Failure Is A Not Four-Letter Word

This is my inaugural Carnival of Journalism post; this month's topic is "failure" -- professional or personal. I chose personal but the lessons are, I believe, universal. The Carnival of Journalism is a collection of folks who think about journalism and who periodically post a reflection on a given subject. Learn how to join us. Added: Dave posts a round-up.
[caption id="attachment_5113" align="alignright" width="259" caption="Kathy's Ducati Monster - Pony Express Day 1"]Ducati - Pony Express[/caption] My Ducati was less than two months old, I had been riding almost two years, and I was a newly-minted Motorcycle Safety Foundation accredited instructor. With more excitement than trepidation, I set off on what would be a 6,000 mile fundraiser (over two weeks) for Susan G. Komen. I had prepped for the trip by putting in long weekend days, but those were one-offs, so to speak. How would I do when these long days were daisy-chained? The first day I overslept, under-dressed (I misjudged the weather: it was cold, I needed my electric vest) and discovered that I had failed to pack my motorcycle registration. Not an auspicious beginning! …continue reading →