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Carnival of Journalism: Write a letter to yourself

The Carnival of Journalism is back and reflection is our end-of-the-year task. Soon after I finished graduate school, one of my best friends married Dennis Hayes, whose modem became the de facto get-on-the-Internet protocol during the 1980s. I can remember laughing while drinking beer and debating science fiction authors/stories with Dennis. But I didn’t foresee […]

Carnival of Journalism: How To Measure What Matters?

My (belated) entry in the March Carnival of journalism. The theme: how do we measure impact? Just as we need to be careful what we wish for, we must choose carefully before establishing metrics. From The Guardian‘s Simon Caulkin (emphasis added): What gets measured gets managed – even when it’s pointless to measure and manage it, and […]

Carnival of Journalism: Technology Is No Silver Bullet

My entry in the February Carnival of journalism. This month’s question comes from Steve Outing: “What emerging technology or digital trend do you think will have a significant impact on journalism in the year or two ahead? And how do you see it playing out in terms of application by journalists, and impact?” “Designing a […]

Carnival of Journalism: Journalists As Capitalists

My entry in the January Carnival of journalism. This month’s theme comes from Michael Rosenblum: “Can a good journalist also be a good capitalist?” Videojournalist Michael Rosenblum asserts (without evidence or explanation) that “there is an instinctive aversion to the idea of making money amongst most journalists.” There are a lot of  journalists who aren’t allergic to making […]

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Carnival of Journalism: What I Want For Christmas

My entry in theDecember’s Carnival of journalism, hosted by The Guardian Developer blog. This month’s question: If you are a journalist, what would be the best present from programmers and developers that Santa Claus could leave under your Christmas tree? My wish for the Christmas elves? Put someone other than IT in charge of all CMS purchases. […]

Online Video News : 5 Tips

This post on the future of online video news is part of the September Carnival of Journalism. The history of online video production and distribution is one of fragmentation (competing formats and players) followed by easy-uploads-with-inferior quality (YouTube); one of dissatisfaction with the cross-browser and cross-platform work-around (Flash) with hopes pinned on a new savior […]