iTunes Approaches 1 Billion Songs

As Apple approaches the sale of the 1-billionth song on its iTunes music store, it has launched a promotion -- giving away Nanos and gift certificates to the lucky purchaser of each "100,000th" song. But the grand prize, for the 1billionth song: a 20-inch iMac, 10 60GB iPods, and a $10,000 iTunes Music Card. $10,000 in music and videos?!? Wowza! Right now, songs are selling at about 100 every five seconds -- that rate can only get faster as the "clock" gets closer. It's at 955,232,874 right now! Technorati Profile Technorati tags: iTunes tags: iTunescontinue reading →

A different tune (update)

Trade press and mass media continue to report on Apple's (new) iTunes for Windows. PC World reports that Apple sold 1 million tunes in three days after the launch. likened Apple's move to throwing down a "guantlet" to other music sites. "I think this will come down to Apple vs. MusicMatch unless Microsoft enters, which is expected, and changes the overall dynamic," industry analyst Rob Enderle told Articles (analysts) also reference the competing technologies -- Microsoft's Windows Media Audio (WMA, a proprietary codec designed to compete with MPEG3) and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC, an industry standard). AAC is designed to give the highest audio quality in smallest file size/bit rate. And it's not new. Moreover, many experts insist that it is "the state of the art in audio compression technology." The "battle" between MP3 and AAC has been compared with VHS-BetaMax, where the best technology "lost" due to…continue reading →